Our first job is understanding what your organisation wants to achieve.  Then, how diversity fits into that mix.  We believe that diversity must be integral to your strategy and support your business plans if it is to work.  Not a regulatory or CSR add-on.  When we know where you are and where you want to be, we can start to lay plans to close the gap.



We love data!    And people’s stories.  We use those two things – hard cold data plus people’s warm lived experience, to paint a full picture of your reality.  We can plan where we want to be through those two lenses as well – data + lived experience in the future. 



We don’t recommend solutions until we’ve worked with you to understand what you want to achieve.  In our experience, the most wonderfully designed plans go nowhere without the client’s ownership and buy in.  We only create something that adds value for you and your organisation and that you want to achieve. 


This is not about ‘shoulds’ and ‘doing the right thing’ (although we’ll often cover that ground).  The first order of business is looking at what adds value for you.


Following our survey, we work with you to understand what the data and stories are telling us, and what we want to change, being clear on how that adds value for you.



We work with a team of associates with deep skills in D&I, organisational psychology, learning, team effectiveness and HR process design.  We pull together the right mix of skills for the task.


We partner with people within your organisation to get the design and testing work done before coming to you, the sponsor, for approval, before launch.


Roll out and launch typically means high levels of sponsor and senior management engagement – and we clarify this with you as early as possible. 


Once the plan has been signed off, activity can range from

  • working with team leaders to grow their inclusion skills, or

  • growing team members’ confidence to work with their BAME colleagues

  • preparing senior leaders to lead the change

  • working with HR to mitigate bias in organisation processes

  • understanding our responsibility with unconscious bias

  • leadership development courses for people from under-represented groups

  • individual coaching for specific leaders

  • desk work and data collection

  • understanding the ‘lived experience’ as things progress



Data and ‘lived experience’ will continue to tell us how the change is working.  We work with your team to support them to make the changes and to ‘take the temperature’ at key milestones.  Having set the KPIs, we know what we need to track to deliver a successful outcome.  We work with you to interpret what the data and stories are telling us and to make decisions on how to stay on track, what to adjust, where to ramp up our efforts and where to move on.



We encourage your team to look for and celebrate success as you go.   Building a sense of progress and winning, drives further commitment and energy within the team and recognises people for their achievements.